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Moose Jaw Hotel with a Mineral Pool

The mineral spa at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa is a haven, which connects two warming pools, one indoors and the other outdoors via a convenient water passage.

The outdoor pool can be enjoyed year-round and is pure bliss on a prairie winter day, while the indoor pool offers a variety of depths and temperatures as well as the soothing sounds of a waterfall. To optimize your Sun Tree Spa experience, we recommend taking the waters prior to your treatment.

The History of "Liquid Gold"

The source of the geothermal water that has made Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa world-famous was discovered accidentally in 1910 when a deep well was bored in an effort to locate natural gas. In 1980, the City of Moose Jaw drilled a new geothermal well into porous foundations that was once an ancient seabed, providing Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa with its therapeutic mineral waters.

Under its own pressure, the water travels through an insulated pipeline from the well-head located approximately 0.8 kilometers (1/4 mile) away. Geothermal heat from the much deeper molten mass of the earth's core continually warms the reservoirs of mineral water to a well-head temperature of about 45°C (113°F). The mineral water loses less than one degree as it passes through the insulated pipeline to the Spa.

Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa pool

Geothermal Mineral Water

The chemistry of this geothermal mineral water is similar to the water used at the famous mineral pools in Bath, England. Its concentration is approximately 10,000 parts per million in total dissolved solids and it contains such compounds as Epsom and Glauber's Salts.

The water also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonate, sulphate, boron, bromine, fluoride, silicon, and strontium as trace elements. The artesian well is capable of producing 166 gallons per minute, ensuring that it remains a renewable resource.