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Thank you for visiting our media room. The story of Temple Gardens and the city of Moose Jaw has captured the attention of writers from coast to coast.

Temple Gardens is a great story about one community working together to build a destination attraction. The resort showcases the geo therapeutic waters drawn from the ancient sea-beds lying deep below the city's surface. We are proud to say that we have visitors from around the world coming to enjoy the resort's prairie hospitality.

Temple Gardens is an example of community economic development that started with a handful of local volunteers building a company that continues to give back to the community. Our story is about people with true Saskatchewan style ‘heart and soul’. Moose Jaw is a proud prairie city and we hope our story encourages other communities to work together to create their own successes.

Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa is unique in its philosophy: ‘Come for the warmth our waters.stay for the warmth of our people’. Our wish is that every guest leaves feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and happier than when they arrived.


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