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Sun Tree Yoga

Combines the unique properties of water’s buoyancy and the ease of movement, with traditional yoga in our geo-thermal mineral pool. People of all fitness levels can safely enjoy yoga techniques that will enhance flexibility, balance, and strength in body and mind.

Gentle Water Yoga

Gentle Yoga is great for people new to yoga and for those hoping to strengthen and stretch muscles and ease joint pain. A great way to take part in the daily exercise your body needs. Summer Yoga classes begin on the outdoor pool deck and then transition into the mineral water, while Fall/Winter Yoga begins on the indoor deck with 20 to 30 minutes in the mineral water.

Gentle Water Yoga

Sunday 10am - 1030am
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7pm - 730pm
September 1st - June 30th 2017

Gentle Water Yoga

Summer Class Times
Sunday 10am - 1030am
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 7pm - 730pm
July 1st - August 30th


Jaime Ackerman, a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, has been exploring the teachings of yoga for 8 years and has completed her 200 hour teacher training through Gaiatri Yoga. Her passion comes from an inner desire to uncover the richness of life in connection to all things. She has a strong belief in the pure potential we all have to be great and feels that yoga has offered her a clear path towards this greatness. She is committed to helping and empowering her students on their path to self fulfillment by offering a playful, heart based practice focusing on breath and alignment.

Sherry Matwe has been practicing meditation and calisthenics for 19 years. This propelled her into the study of Yoga 6 years ago. Sherry has aspired to study the practice of Yoga, Yogic philosophy and most importantly, anatomy. The Community that we are building in our Friendly City helps to benefit our families, visitors, and friends. We embrace all safe, fun, forms of movement to make sure our Community is safe, healthy, educated, and happy. Sherry is certified in Level 1 Yoga Tune Up, Gentle Vinyasa, and is inspired to further her skills and knowledge to share with Western Canada. Sherry wishes you warm regards in your curiosity in Yoga! Enjoy our healing mineral waters … Namaste.

Mecah Wills is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher for both youth and adults. She has completed over 320 hours of yoga teacher training. Mecah’s love for yoga and meditation has taken her all over the country to attended hundreds of hours of retreats and professional development sessions. These include Natural Mind Meditation Retreat, ACRO Yoga and the Prairie Love Festival, among many others. When she is not practicing yoga she is known to travel the world looking for new opportunities to learn. She believes travel to be a healthy addition to her yoga practice, as she is able to experiences many cultures and incorporate new techniques into her teaching.

Heather Heilman recently completed her Hatha Yoga teacher 200 hour training course through Aura Wellness Center to become a Certified Yoga Alliance teacher. Heather initially started her practice of yoga while still in high school 17 years ago and rediscovered her love of yoga 2 years ago and became recommitted to her practice. She is a married mom of 2 whose youngest son at age 3 is also becoming involved in the practice of yoga as he practices with her every morning. Heather wishes you well in your practice of yoga. Namaste.

Theresa Simon-Worobec has been practicing yoga on and off for about 10 years. She completed her 200 hour Certified Yoga Alliance training course through Breathe Hot Yoga in Calgary in 2015 and has also completed several supplementary weekend workshops since then. Theresa brings a a genuine passion for the practice of yoga with her to each of her classes and firmly believes that no matter your age or level of ability, yoga offers something for all. She is currently employed at The Yoga Loft and at Evolution Athletics in Moose Jaw and teaches a variety of yoga/mobility classes ranging from restorative to yoga for athletes. Theresa's goal in all of her classes is to help her students find a practice that works for them and have fun doing it. Her hope is that you leave her class feeling a little bit more relaxed and content.

Program Information

All classes are Complimentary to hotel guests and are included to the public with the cost of pool admission.

For more information please contact the Sun Tree Spa Reception by email at or by phone at 1-800-718-7727 or (306) 694-5055 (ext 625).