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The Story of Temple Gardens

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort opened in June 1996 with 69 guestrooms and 53 employees. Shortly after opening, the facility achieved its current Canada Select 4 star rating and later expanded to 179 guestrooms. The economic spin-off the Spa has created is significant, and we now employ over 200 people. Since opening Temple Gardens has generated over $90 million in gross sales, and now boasts over $13 million annually.

Temple Gardens attracts people from around the world with almost 200,000 annual visitors. The many flags of the world proudly displayed in our Spa represent the home states of our guests; our Founding Directors dreamed of building a destination attraction that would attract visitors from around the world.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, unique because of its geo-thermal mineral rich therapeutic waters, has been three times named one of Canada’s top spas. The Company has also received numerous tourism and business awards, including Sask Tourism Business of the Year, Sask Tourism Customer Service, Chamber of Commerce ABEX Marketing Award, 2008 Spa Finder Magazine Choice Award, 2008 & 2009 WestJet Readers Choice Award and 2010 Spas of America top 10 spas. The Company credits much of its success to the support of its many tourism partners and the 37,000 people of Moose Jaw, who have helped to market our Spa to the world.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort was bought in 2006 by Temple REIT of Winnipeg who appointed Atlific Hotels as the management company.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort will always be part of the social, cultural and economic fabric of the Moose Jaw community. Throughout the decade, Temple Gardens has continued to demonstrate its strong commitment to community through its extensive promotional programs, providing gift certificates for raffles and silent auctions to raise money to help community organizations, especially youth and those most in need.

About Our Geothermal Mineral-rich Waters:

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort is unique in its philosophy … come for the warmth of our waters … and stay for the warmth of our people. The Resort showcases these wonderful geothermal mineral-rich waters, drawn from ancient sea-beds lying deep below the city’s surface. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort is proud to showcase this rich community resource – and that’s why we call it our “liquid gold”.

The resort’s mineral pool is designed to maximize the therapeutic benefits of our waters and have a calm, relaxing environment which is why it is located on the 4th floor with a spa pool deck overlooking beautiful Crescent park. Resort guests also love to “take the waters” under a starry night sky with snowflakes melting on their faces.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort: “Saskatchewan's Hottest Attraction!”

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort is located in the heart of Moose Jaw, a city rich with historic architecture. This small prairie city ranks tops with the highest number of tourist attractions per capita in Canada, and most are within walking distance of the resort’s front doors. The following is a short-list of some of the fun things to do and see in Moose Jaw, including:

  • Casino Moose Jaw
  • Tunnels of Moose Jaw
  • Yvette Moore Gallery (her art proudly featured in many of our skywalk rooms)
  • Moose Jaw Trolley Car Tour
  • Western Development Museum of Transportation
  • Mae Wilson – Performing Art Theatre
  • Murals of Moose Jaw
  • Art Museum and historic Library in Crescent Park (adjacent the resort)
  • Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory

Even Moose Jaw’s Tourist Information Centre is an attraction – with thousands of people stopping off the Trans Canada Highway to visit the city’s famous giant “Mac the Moose”. A recent addition in 2010 is the Tudor plane, in dedication to the Snow Birds whose home is 15 Wing Moose Jaw. Travelers are amazed to see a tourist centre built as a replica of the Temple Gardens Dance Hall, that showcases a unique art piece called the “mini-city”, which includes a re-creation of CPR steam locomotive!

Our hotel:

The resort’s lobby is one-of-a-kind, as are the luxurious mineral water Jacuzzi suites. Many of the classy skywalk rooms, which showcase our locally made signature maple furniture, have terraces overlooking Crescent Park. Guests staying in our standard guestrooms also enjoy complimentary robes to come and go from the mineral pools. It is not unusual to see the resort’s hallways filled with a sea of comfy, white-robed patrons coming and going from our spa mineral pools.

What’s new at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort

The resort’s Sun Tree Spa is an escape for the mind, body, and soul where stress vanishes and healing, renewal and serenity appear. The Sun Trees Spa offers a full list of soul satisfying treatments. Our abundant spa menu includes fabulous treatments such as Microdermabrasion Anti-oxidant Facial. This is a highly effective resurfacing and deep exfoliation treatment, which uses a machine to regulate the intensity of crystals and organic grains to exfoliate dead skin cells and later polish the skin. The Sun Tree Spa’s facials use only the highest quality of professional spa products made form natural plant and sea extracts and aromatic restorative oils. The Sun Tree Wild Rosehip Prairie Wrap contains Canadian rosehips blended with organic cold-pressed oils which are the essence of this powerfully healing and regenerating wrap, while Body Wraps and Body Rituals exfoliate, rehydrate and renew.

The Resort’s therapists and spa coordinators are highly trained in our exclusive line of specialty skin care products and can assist in making recommendations on how to continue the spa experience back home. The Spa’s therapists have a talent for customizing. For example, our certified therapist will select the perfect type of mask to achieve a refreshed, refined and balanced skin so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful “Sun Trees Signature Facial”. As well, our registered massage therapists target trouble zones needing more work.

We encourage “taking the waters” prior to any spa treatment to enhance overall feelings of well-being - a benefit of our therapeutic geothermal mineral-rich waters, and provided complimentary to our Sun Tree Spa guests. The Resort’s Sun Tree Spa and relaxing mineral pools are a sanctuary away from the pressures of everyday life.

“A Bold Act of Imagination”

This story is about a city and people with true Saskatchewan-style “heart and soul”. Moose Jaw is a now a proud prairie city. We hope our story encourages other communities to work together to create their own successful futures.

For more information on Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, and the “story of Moose Jaw”, please contact:

Ranald E Rasmussen
General Manager
Phone: (306) 694-5055
Fax: (306) 694-8310