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Moose Jaw – The City of Secrets

(From The Barefoot Nomad by Micki Kosman) Moose Jaw, as small cities go, is pretty unassuming at first glance.

It sits smack dab in the middle of the great expanse of the Canadian prairie. In harvest season, fields of wheat wave in the dusty heat and in winter, snows cover the fields in soft white dunes. But any time of the year, most of what you see is the Prairie sky, stretching above, and almost blindingly blue.

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Who knew Saskatchewan’s hottest attraction was in Moose Jaw?

(From EMC Lifestyles by John M. Smith, December 29, 2011) Did you know Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was the home of a luxury resort, the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, with an awesome geothermal mineral water pool? This beautiful facility is located right in downtown Moose Jaw, within walking distance of several other attractions, and it's home to the Sun Tree Spa, with its rejuvenating spa services, and a large, heated, therapeutic mineral water pool that promotes stress reduction and tension relief.

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Exotic Canada: Bathe like a bootlegger in Moose Jaw

(From The National Post by Jessica Leigh Johnston, July 30, 2011) Driving to Moose Jaw from the Regina airport, it’s easy to see why locals joke that in Saskatchewan, you can watch your dog run away for three days. I’m not much of a driver, and even I find myself thinking I could have rented a car and handled this long, arrow-straight road.

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Water Yoga & Healing Waters

(From Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort in Saskatchewan partners with The Arthritis Society to offer Aquatic and Water Yoga Package geared just for us!

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Soak up Canadian history in Saskatchewan

(From By Daphne Gray-Grant) On the eve of our 143rd birthday as a nation, we visit a modest, plain-spoken province that contains gems of Canadiana.

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The Re-discovered country

(From By Pamela Irving) OMG TGM FAB 4 LC! Translation: Oh My God, Temple Gardens Mineral Spa and Resort is fabulous for Living Communications team retreat or girl getaway

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Spas of America, Top 50 Spas – 2009

(From From exciting city spas to luxurious spa boutiques and wellness-oriented resorts and destination spas, Spas of America showcases over 750 of the best Spa & Wellness experiences in North and South America to spa travelers around the world.

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Experience the Big Aaaah at one of Canada’s spas

(From, September 17, 2009) When in the prairies, sample a ‘Champagne and Bubbly’ couple retreat at Moosejaw’s Temple Garden Mineral Spa and resort where warm geo-thermal mineral rich waters from ancient seabeds are piped directly to a large rooftop pool.

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Saskatchewan Spa: Temple Gardens Mineral Spa

(From THE SPA: Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort Hotel is a prairie oasis in the heart of historic Moose Jaw

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Aahh Inspiring

(From You don’t need a lot of time to benefit from a spa break. One hour at a Canadian day spa is enough time to try anything from a pedicure to a facial.

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Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort Featured on

(September 23, 2008) From British Columbia all the way to Nova Scotia, [...] is bringing you to 10 of the most decadent, luxurious, and relaxing spas in Canada. We've selected a broad range of spas including day spas, destination spas, resort spas, mineral spas and medical spas that represent the best of what many of Canada's provinces have to offer.

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Canada’s Ultra-Lavish Spas

(From, September 11, 2008) A trip to the spa may be considered a needless luxury, but it's one that many are willing to indulge in--especially in Canada.

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Prairie haven – Just park the car and explore on foot

(From the Winnipeg Free Press, August 8, 2008) MOOSE JAW -- In the 1920s Prohibition-era, Moose Jaw, or “Little Chicago,” was reputed to be the choice destination of notorious gangsters like Chicago bootlegger Al Capone.

Whether or not the feisty mobster really took refuge in the Prairie city doesn't really matter to me. Moose Jaw is still my favourite place to go to the mattresses (lay low) when I'm overdue for a holiday.

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The Banff of the Prairies

(From the Edmonton Journal, October 2007) Moose Jaw, a community of 33,000 people about 60 kilometres west of Regina, outright refused to accept the Saskatchewan stereotypes. Flat fields of wheat. Farmers. Not much happening. Thanks to a handful of cultural movers and shakers, there is plenty happening in Moose Jaw.

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Soakin' in Saskatchewan

(From the Globe and Mail, July 2007) For many Canadian tourists, Saskatchewan in the summer is a sunny, flat land of big skies and endless Trans-Canada Highway driving. But for the adventurous – or simply road-weary – traveller, the prairie heartland offers two relaxing and invigorating experiences at natural mineral spas

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Making tracks to Moose Jaw

(From the Toronto Star, May 2007) It started with a meeting of a dozen volunteers, each of whom tossed $25 into a hat. After several years of vigorous campaigning, private investors kicked in more than $3 million and in 1996, Temple Gardens opened, brought into existence by the will of the community.

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